‘Common Alternatives’ comprises of networks of academics, activists, academic-activists, intellectuals, think tanks, initiatives and organizations, policy advocates and university students that through a number of shared projects explore/develop/examine new social concepts, ideologies, practices, policies, programs, experiences and case studies. The projects particularly aim to construct more profound understandings of the root causes of the global crises, and to promote game-changing responses, workable solutions and feasible alternative systems/models/project, as well as strategic actions necessary to realize those alternatives.


  1. We aim to bring together leading inter/national activists, scholars, policy advocates, and research institutes from a broad range of disciplines and ideological backgrounds into a close conversation around multiple alternative modes of livelihood and sociability that function beyond the mainstream free market structure. We hope this will promote cross-fertilization and thereby collaboration among these agents of progressive change.
  2. Our mission is to help the public, academic and policy circles, and social movements liberate their understandings of self, nature, history, and society from the requisites of Eurocentric, Capital-driven systems of (knowledge) production.
  3. We aim to question the mainstream conceptions of major social issues and myths that have become widely acceptable even among the critics of the establishment. We hope that this would pave the way for the re/invention of alternative concepts that equip our discourses of change.
  4. Our projects lay the comparative foundations for assessing alternatives to capitalism, and for analyzing ‘post-neoliberal futures’. They offer first integrative analyses of post-neoliberal, post-capital, and post-carbon modes of livelihood, focusing on new variants of pluralist Commonwealth, Community Economy, Post-Keynesian reforms, Circular Economy, Post-Patriarchal Southern Experiences, Eco-feminism, Economic Democracy, and Eco-Commonism, etc. We aim to produce publicly-engaged and timely policy insights into the effectiveness of these initiatives and their capacity to address global crises and to rival right wing populism.


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Deliberating Democratic Alternatives




Demanding the Impossible

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Presentations and Events 2016 Conference Presentations Social Movements for Global Alternatives: ...
Deliberating Democratic Alternatives
Deliberating Post-Neoliberal Futures and Democratic Alternatives to Capital in 21st Century The pro...
Critical Open-mindedness vs. Social Closed-mindedness
Critical Open-mindedness vs. Social Closed-mindedness This project is about measuring 'critical (so...
New Lexicon
A new language for a new beginning In the beginning was the word, and the word was the first thing ...

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👉Alternative Futures and Regional Prospects Symposium Working across Differences, beyond Carbon, Capital and Commodity
February 16, 2018
Alternative Futures and Regional Prospects Symposium Working across Differences, beyond Carbon, Capital and Commodity Thursday 22nd & Friday 23rd of N...
Work councils could be the future of Australian industrial democracy in an ABCC world
October 21, 2017
    Eugene Schofield-Georgeson, University of Technology Sydney Work councils are one model of industrial relations that could potentially fill the en
10th Anniversary Wheelwright Lecture: Manufacturing the Future: Cultures of Production for the Anthropocene    
October 10, 2017
Invitation        About the lecture Debates about the future of manufacturing in Australia return to prominence every few years, prompted by the lates
Theorizing the Rise of Right Wing Populism in the Post-Globalist Era: Toward an Integrative Approach
September 30, 2017
Seyed A. HOSSEINI FARADONBEH, The University of Newcastle, Australia and Lawrence SAHA, Australian National University, Australia   Abstract Text (
Researching Collective Action and Social Change: Extending Michael Burawoy’s Extended Case Method
September 27, 2017
Author: Thomas MUHR and Susana MELO, Habib University Karachi, Pakistan Abstract Text: This paper proposes a socio-spatial ethnographic methodology to resea...
The Future of Capital and Its Alternatives in 21st Century: The Essentiality of Economic Democratization
September 27, 2017
Seyed A. HOSSEINI FARADONBEH, The University of Newcastle, Australia and Barry GILLS, University of Helsinki, Finland   Abstract Text: In 21
Researching the Emergence of Right-Wing Populism in the 21st Century
September 14, 2017
RC42 Social Psychology (host committee) Populism is both a political and academic concept which varies widely in its use. As found within the social ...
Future(s) of Democracy in the Post-Neoliberal Era: Problems, Protests, and Prospects
September 14, 2017
RC48 Social Movements, Collective Actions and Social Change (host committee) Globally, neoliberalism is no longer the mobilising tool it once was. ...
Globalization, Resource Extraction, and Social Movement Mobilization
September 14, 2017
RC24 Environment and Society (host committee) The colonization of the Americas and other regions has gone hand in hand with natural resource extrac...
Carbon Capitalism, Climate Capitalism, Energy Democracy
September 14, 2017
RC02 Economy and Society (host committee) Although the scientific consensus on causes and implication of global warming is well established, the clim...

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