Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

Common Alternatives

Creating Futures Beyond Capital and Carbon


Welcome to ‘Common Alternatives’ Welcome to ‘Common Alternatives’, a dynamic collaboration of diverse minds and institutions. This network includes academics, activists, academic-activists, intellectuals, think tanks, and university students. We all share a common goal: to reimagine social paradigms.

Our Collaborative Projects At ‘Common Alternatives’, our diverse projects focus on groundbreaking social concepts, ideologies, and practices. We develop new ideas to inspire transformative practices, policies, and programs, enriching our approach with comprehensive experiences and case studies. Our goal is to understand the root causes of global crises.  Our projects serve as blueprints for feasible, alternative systems and models. These initiatives are essential for realizing practical alternatives that address today’s challenges.

Our Mission: A Fourfold Approach

  1. Uniting for Progressive Change At ‘Common Alternatives’, we strive to bring together international and national activists, scholars, and policy advocates. We come from various disciplines and ideologies. Our mission includes engaging in dialogues that go beyond free-market paradigms. We embrace alternative livelihoods and social interactions. We aim to catalyze collaboration across disciplines, fostering a space where progressive agents can exchange ideas and drive change.
  2. Redefining Perspectives We dedicate ourselves to empowering the public, academia, and social movements. Our focus is to move beyond Eurocentric, capital-centric knowledge systems. We aim to reshape perceptions of self, nature, history, and society. Our goal is to encourage a more inclusive and diverse understanding of these concepts.
  3. Challenging Established Norms We aim to challenge mainstream narratives around key social issues. We confront myths and misconceptions that persist even among establishment critics. By introducing alternative concepts, we seek to enrich the discourse of change. We provide new avenues for thought and action.
  4. Pioneering Alternatives to Capitalism ‘Common Alternatives’ is at the forefront of evaluating and exploring post-capitalist futures. We conduct analyses of post-neoliberal, post-capital, and post-carbon livelihoods. Our focus includes models like the pluralist Commonwealth, Community Economy, and Post-Keynesian reforms. We also explore Circular Economy, Post-Patriarchal Southern Experiences, Eco-feminism, Economic Democracy, and Eco-Commonism. Our objective is to generate timely and practical insights. We assess the impact of these initiatives on global crises and their potential to challenge right-wing populism.