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Common Alternatives

Creating Futures Beyond Capital and Carbon


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Alternative Futures Research Hub (AFRHub established in partnership with NENA) welcomes Expressions of Interest in Supervision in this round of University of Newcastle’s VC Scholarship (both domestic and international) on any topic relevant to the following areas of study:

  1. Investigating post-capitalist responses to global challenges (climate changes, global pandemics, violence, conflict, crime, social inequality, etc). The focus of the project can be on any type of responses from activists/grassroots (e.g., climate justice, climate strikes), to political-economic policy advocacy initiatives and ideologies (wellbeing economy, circular economies, food sovereignty, eco-feminism, eco-socialism, eco-anarchism, etc) to practical projects (permaculture, ecovillages, worker-owned cooperatives, etc). See a longer list of potential post-capital/post-neoliberal alternatives as possible research topics:

The scope of the research can be local, national, or international.

  1. Mapping Social Dreams: Where do our dreams of the future come from and how do they influence our present actions and decisions? Investigating the social sources of Utopian envisioning of the future and its impacts on present collective transformative actions
  2. Community Wellbeing and Alternative Modes of Quality of Life; Measuring and Exploring Social Determinants of (Subjective/Social) Well-being and Well-living in communities (ethnic, employees, students, local, etc.).
  3. Social and Community Informatics including Data Mining and Big Data Activism for coalition extension, empowering grassroots movements using big data, digital de-colonization, counter climate change, and networking post-capitalist enterprises and communities.
  4. Developing Alternative Social Indices to Measure Complex (Multidimensional and Multilevel) Social Phenomena (e.g. Well-Living, Quality of Life and Happiness; Inclusive Social Development, Surveying Open/Closed-Mindedness, Authoritarian Personalities, Populism, and Cultural In/tolerance).
  5. Corporatization, Commercialization and Technocratic Automation of Higher Education under Neoliberalism and Alternative Higher Education Institutions: Impacts on academic labour and well-being, students learning and well-being, and quality of education, staff/student/union responses and resistance.

Read more about the scholarship scheme here:

Applicants with a background in Social Sciences, Development Studies, Political Sciences, (Human) Geography, Political Economy, Ecological Economy, Human Services, Community Welfare, Political Ecology, and Globalization Studies, and the like are encouraged.

Contact Dr. S A Hamed Hosseini to enquire, express your interest or discuss your proposal/thoughts: (use the template below to formulate your research ideas)

Expression of interests and proposals must be received by COB 5 Nov 2021 and the University scholarship applications are due by 15 Nov. 2021.

Read more about AFRHub here:

Use the following template to articulate your research proposal as much as you can:

Download this TEMPLATE to write your INITIAL RESEARCH PROJECT PROPOSAL and submit it using the SUBMIT button in the form


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