Tue. May 28th, 2024

Common Alternatives

Creating Futures Beyond Capital and Carbon

About the Project

Under neoliberalism, global crises have intensified: financial, climate, humanitarian and security crises have proliferated. In this context, a wide range of democratic initiatives for ‘post-neoliberalism’ are advanced by social movements and other organizations. This inter-disciplinary project maps a number of key initiatives, investigating their practical capacity in terms of livelihood and political community, their effectiveness in responding to global crises, and their potential for collaboration and convergence. It conducts network mapping, in-depth interviews and ethnographic work, combined with discourse and dialogical analysis to produce insights into global political change, and to produce more effective policy responses. The project investigates progressive alternatives to capital in 21st century which have been developed in in the form of theory, model, practice, policy, and project. It investigates the capacities of these alternatives for cross-ideological interactions and integration. It particularly focuses on four major democratic modes of livelihood and sociality which have influenced transformative social movements in the global field of post-capitalist transitions