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New Publication: S. A. Hamed Hosseini’s “The Well‑Living Paradigm”

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We are excited to share with the CommonAlternatives community the publication of Dr. S. A. Hamed Hosseini’s long article, “The Well‑Living Paradigm: Reimagining Quality of Life in Our Turbulent World.” The article, available as Open Acess, develops the concept of ‘well-living’ as an innovative and transformative framework poised to redefine our understanding and approach to quality of life against the backdrop of today’s global socio-ecological challenges.

The paper critically examines existing well-being discourses, drawing upon transformative insights from post-capitalist and indigenous movements to propose ‘well-living’ as a civilizational quest. This paradigm encompasses creativity, livability, conviviality, and alterity, advocating for harmonious coexistence across individual to international contexts. By outlining nine key qualities essential for such harmony, Hosseini encourages a collective reimagining of our lives in balance with the natural world, emphasizing the need for autonomy, authenticity, and integrity.

A cornerstone of Hosseini’s argument is the pursuit of ‘well-living’ through a ‘commonist’ lens, highlighting the vital institutional and policy shifts required to realize this vision. This publication stands as a call to action for its audience to engage with these ideas and contribute to the ongoing dialogues and struggles around creating a just, regenerative, and diverse world.

The article is freely accessible to promote open and inclusive discussions on alternatives to the current global systems. We invite all our readers to explore The Well-Living Paradigm and join in the conversation as we collectively explore pathways towards a future defined by well-living principles.

A pdf copy can be downloaded from “here.”.
An audio version of the book is available “here.”

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