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Statistics for Activists and Social Studies: Bivariate data analyses, using JAMOVI

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In this video, Dr S A Hamed Hossein (sociologist, electronics engineer, expert in global and development studies, and methodologist) introduces bivariate data analyses in social sciences, and discusses how we can choose the best types of graphs and tables depending on the types of measurements for our variables and how to use Jamovi to make the graphs and tables, and finally how to interpret them. The lecture is shared publically as a knowledge commons to empower communities and especially social activists. He uses a made-up small data file that can be downloaded from the links below (the original version of this presentation was made as a lecture offered as part of SOCS2400 – Applied Social Research at the University of Newcastle in Sept 2021). Simplifications are made only for educational purposes at the basic level for the first/second-year students of social sciences with no background in social statistics.

Download the data file (no need to join dropbox; just click download there):
Download the output file (graphs and tables made through the lecture): https://www.dropbox.com/s/37b60c0qjy321b6/Open-mindedness-Pessimism_2021-OUTPUT.omv?dl=0

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