Tue. Mar 28th, 2023

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Community and Cooperative Energy in Rise in Australia (News)

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A new trade union-backed social enterprise initiative in Victoria – Cooperative Power – launched a couple of weeks ago. You can see it at https://energylocals.com.au/providers/cooperative-power-australia/.
Community energy is one of the fastest-growing ‘streams’ of social enterprise.
A list of new projects can be found at https://c4ce.net.au/about-c4ce/members/
And especially the excellent “how-to” manual at http://c4ce.net.au/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/C4CE-Small-Scale-Community-Solar-Guide-v2.pdf (which is very good on the variety of legal models it details which are in use).
This is a new ‘community energy’ social enterprise project which is currently developing in South Australia – www.incubator.coop/valley-and-plains-renewable-energy-co-op/
One of the larger social enterprise projects of this nature – funded via a crowdsourced equity raise – is Enova Community Energy on the northern rivers. See https://enovaenergy.com.au/. See its “community share” offer at https://www.crowd88.com/en/company/enova-energy/tab/enova-offer/
 News story provided by Mr. Alan Greig from Mercury Cooperative