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New Book: “World Statehood: The Future of World Politics”, by Heikki Patomaki

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After years of being overlooked, the idea of the world state has made a remarkable comeback in academic discussions within fields like Political Theory, International Relations, and Global Political Economy. However, these discussions often fall into the trap of replicating the age-old antinomies of (post-)Enlightenment era liberal theories.

In his latest book, Professor Patomaki offers a fresh perspective by introducing a processual understanding of world statehood. He delves into thought-provoking questions, such as whether elements of world statehood exist today and if the development of further elements can be considered a directional trend in history. Moreover, he explores the viability of a world political community under specific conditions.

The beauty of Patomaki’s approach lies in avoiding simplistic yes-or-no answers. Instead, he carefully dissects the elements and functions that can be associated with stateness. By adopting a process-oriented lens, he opens new avenues for examining the desirability of a “world state”.

The book also draws on evidence from the fate of federations in the modern age, suggesting that the imposition of common laws and institutions, especially when backed by violent enforcement, may not necessarily lead to greater peace.

This is a must-read for anyone interested in the future of world politics! You can find more details about the book on the PPE website:

The book can be purchased and/or subscribed to, through your institution, here:

(Note that many academic and other institutions, 7000+ worldwide, have access to the book as part of a Springer deal)

Happy reading!

World Statehood: The Future of World Politics (World-Systems Evolution and Global Futures) eBook : Patomäki, Heikki: Kindle Store

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