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Common Alternatives

Creating Futures Beyond Capital and Carbon


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We were honoured to have three great thinkers and activists: Victoria-Grieve Williams, Sara Motta and Ashish Kohari with us on 27 Aug 2021 presenting their alternative visions on quality of life under the broader title of “Pluriversal Visions of Quality of Life“. The recording thanks to our partner organization NENA is now available on Youtube. We will appreciate it if you please kindly share this among your networks.

The titles of the presentations are as follows:

  • Adjunct Professor Victoria-Grieve Williams – “Everywhen: Autonomy, Altruism and Living Well”
  • A/Prof. Sara Motta – “Democracy (M)otherwise: Enfleshments from the Margins of Modernity
  • Prof . Ashish Kothari – “Ecoswaraj: a Radical Ecological Democracy Towards Justice and Sustainability”

Chaired by Dr Chris Krogh (a member of Alternative Futures Research Network and the head of Human Services studies at the University of Newcastle).

The whole series will be updated on YouTube and you can watch them all here:  

We would also like to hear from you, through an ONLINE SURVEY (designed by NENA), about your views on the topic (how should Quality of Life be redefined in our troubled times). Please help us collect as many views as possible by answering the survey. Link to the survey:

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