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Common Alternatives

Creating Futures Beyond Capital and Carbon

Deliberating Democratic Alternatives

Deliberating Post-Neoliberal Futures and Democratic Alternatives to Capital in 21st Century

The project lays the comparative foundations for assessing alternatives to capitalism, and for analysing ‘post-neoliberal futures’. It offers the first integrated analysis of post-neoliberal, post-capital, and post-carbon modes of livelihood, focusing on new variants of ‘neo/post- Keynesianism’, ‘solidarity economy and economic democracy’, ‘new left nationalism/populism’ and ‘bio-civilisation’. It offers publicly-engaged and timely policy insights into the effectiveness of these initiatives and their capacity to address global crises and to rival right wing populism

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Social Democratic Alternatives

Fieldwork Site 1

Left Inter/Nationalist/Populist Solutions

Fieldwork Site 2

Solidarity Economy Alternatives

Fieldwork Site 3

Ecocentric Alternatives

Fieldwork Site 4


Passionately committed to help communities build their own futures free from the commodification of humanity

Chief Investigator: A./Prof. James Goodman

Associate Professor, Social and Political Science, The University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Chief Investigator: Dr S A Hamed Hosseini

Senior Lecturer, Sociology and Anthropology, The University of Newcastle, Australia

Chief Investigator: Prof. Verity Burgmann

Professor, Politics and International Relations, Monash University, Australia

Chief Investigator: Dr Elizabeth Humphries

Scholarly Teaching Fellow, School of Communication, The University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Partner Investigator: Prof. Barry K. Gills

Professor, Development Studies, The University of Helsinki, Finland

Partner Investigator: Professor Heikki Patomaki

Professor, World Politics, The University of Helsinki, Finland

Partner Investigator: Prof. William Carroll

Professor, Sociology, University of Victoria, Canada

Partner Investigator: Prof. Teivo Teivainen

Professor, World Politics, The University of Helsinki, Finland

Partner Investigator: Dr Thomas Muhr

Assistant Professor, Social Development and Policy,  Habib University, Pakistan

Partner Investigator: Dr Karen Buckley

Hallsworth Research Fellow, The University of Manchester, UK

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