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Re-imagining Quality of Life Webinar Series Program (June-Nov 2021)

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The ‘Re-imagining Quality of Life Post-COVID’ project, funded by the College of Human and Social Futures (CHSF) and conducted by the University of Newcastle’s Alternative Futures Research Hub (formed in partnership with New Economy Network Australia), maps, connects and consolidates the remarkable transformative efforts being carried out by hundreds of Australian organisations that directly address the current intertwined ecological, social and economic crises.

The project consists of three components: (1) A national social survey that maps progressive initiatives and organisations which work towards transforming quality of life in the economic, political, social, ecological, and cultural spheres; (2) multiple in-depth interviews and focus group conversations with a smaller sample of the participants; (3) A webinar series that brings together activists, intellectuals and academics from a diverse range of perspectives and experiences to present and discuss their alternative visions about the Quality of Life.

Webinar series program in 2021

Webinar 1: Re-imagining Quality of Life: Towards a New Paradigm

23 June 2021 (12.30-2.00 pm AEST) – Chaired by Dr Michelle Maloney and Dr S A Hamed Hosseini

  1. Dr Michelle Maloney (NENA) and Dr Hamed Hosseini (UON) introduce the NENA-UON joint project;
  2. From Wellbeing to Well-Living: On the urgency of a transformative approach to Quality of Life”, by Hosseini’s presentation:
  3. Are Wellbeing Economics a Viable Alternative to Capitalism”, by Dr Michelle Maloney”
  4. Reimagining social change through connection”; by Ms Shelley McGrath’s presentation (UON).

Watch the event’s recording here: https://youtu.be/Bcsh9Y5F4G4

Webinar 2: Reimagining Quality of Life: Indigenous Visions Life  

14 July 2021 (4-5.30 pm AEST) – Chaired by Dr Chris Krogh and S A Hamed Hosseini

  1. “The Relationist Ethos and the meaning of life”, by Dr Mary Graham
  2. “Ngyiampaa perspectives of wellness in 2021” by A/Prof. Daniela Heil
  3. “Learning from Indigenous views of quality of life in Latin America” by Dr Eija Ranta

Watch the event’s recording here: https://youtu.be/rXH2IWGl338

Webinar 3: Reimagining Quality of Life: Pluriversal Visions

27 Aug 2021 (11.30aam -1.00pm AEST) – Chaired by Dr Chris Krogh

  1. Everywhen: Autonomy, Altruism and Living Well” by Adjunct Professor Victoria-Grieve Williams
  2. “Democracy (M)otherwise: Enflshements from the Margins of Modernity” by A/Prof. Sara Motta
  3. “Ecoswaraj: a Radical Ecological Democracy Towards Justice” by Prof. Ashish Kothari

Watch the event’s recording here: https://youtu.be/hlVqTKQPUe4

Webinar 4: Reimagining Quality of Life: Post-Capitalist Visions I

10 Sept 2021 (9.00 am – 11 am). – Chaired by Dr Michelle Maloney and Dr S A Hamed Hossein

  1. “Imagining the Future – if there is one!” by Prof. Noam Chomsky
  2. “Democratizing the Economy: Practical Advances and Long-Term Strategy” by Prof. Gar Alperovitz
  3. “Some Ecological Feminist Thoughts on Wellbeing” by A./Prof. Ariel Salleh

Watch the event’s recording here: https://youtu.be/ojBiUR3vKww

Webinar 5: Reimagining Quality of Life: Post-Capitalist Visions II

21 Sept 2021 (5 pm – 6.30 pm AEST) – Chaired by Dr. S A Hamed Hosseini

  1. “From commodity to commons; healing ourselves, healing nature” by Mr. Nick Rose
  2. “Marx meets Buddha: Ecosocialism, wellbeing and the pursuit of happiness” by Dr. Devan Pillay
  3. “Post-Capitalism and Universal, Unconditional Basic Income. Change the language to shift the values” by Ms Loriana Luccioni

Watch the event’s recording here: TBA

Webinar 6: Reimagining Quality of Life: Post-Growth and Post-Eurocentric Visions

6 Oct 2021 (6 pm – 7.30 pm AEST): Chaired by Dr. Chris Krogh

  1. “From the growth-welfare nexus to sustainable welfare within planetary boundaries” by Dr. Milena Buchs
  2. “The Buddhist Idea of a Good Life” by Mr. Ajahn Brahmali
  3. “Quality of life in Rojava, Syria”. by Nûjîn (Andrea Wolf Institute of Jineoloji Academy)

Watch the event’s recording here: TBA

Webinar 7 – Reimagining Quality of Life: Research reports and Project Wrap-up
  1. Time: TBA
  2. Titles: TBA
  3. Presenters: TBA

Watch the event’s recording here: TBA

For more information about the project, you may contact: Dr. Hosseini, the lead CI of the project